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QSL Card today
Moon August 2011
EME 20.08.2011





QRV at 144/432/1296/2320

                 10368 MHz

        from JO50RF 700m ASL


Merida Ninety Six
Author 2001 Rennmaschine

The second hobby cost much more time and is so expensive. But it makes much fun. At the Hobby Site you can see a few pictures from my tours around the bavarian mountains. 



Saturday, 22. February

EME Jan/Feb 2014

[Translate to Englisch:] ...after a long time i was again QRV via EME 144 MHz, and reached the followings OM's : YT1AR, SM4GGC, KB8RQ, RK22WG, NT0V, RN3A, UR3EE, WA3QPX, DK9ZY, EA5CJ, SK6EI, EB5GP, RX1AS, PY2GN, RX3A. mny tnx...[more]

Saturday, 23. June

EME May - June 2012

....not too much time for EME Activity ...... here my result : IK7EZN, LZ1DP, I2FAK, ZS6OB, UT2G, W8WN, YL2AJ, F6BEG, HL5QO, K5DNL tnx fer qso's cu soon via Moon .....  73's gl de Chris  [more]

Friday, 6. April

EME April 2012

other filter and some  changing in the rx path, many thanks for the qso's : YO3DDZ, NT0V, WB2RVX, F6EGD, I6BQI, IZ0FWE, OH4EA, YU7XL, YO5BIN, UR5LX, S52LM, DL8II, GI1CET and PY2GN. Cu soon via Moon. 73's and always gl...[more]

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